White Bird Design’s current books are photographic essays on aspects of Venice, Italy.

I Colori: The Nature of Color 
$44.95 (hardcover; 62 pages)

"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?" asks Picasso. Why indeed? The houses on the Venetian island of Burano are painted brilliant colors, ostensibly so that the fishermen can see their homes on the return journey from the sea. Laundry, curtains, awnings, boats, buckets and mops all add to a pastiche of color characteristic of Burano. Through photographs and quotations from artists and writers about color, this book finds that on Burano color not only sings, it also clangs, clashes and charms the viewer. PREVIEW OR BUY BOOK

Gondola: Art and Craft

$44.95 (hardcover; 54 pages)

The Venetian gondola is a masterpiece of art and craft. Made from 280 pieces fashioned from eight varieties of wood, the gondola has been the beloved symbol of Venice for hundreds of years. This book takes a close look at the components, the artisans, and the individual ornamentation that result in this beautiful watercraft. PREVIEW OR BUY BOOK