Gondola—art and craft showcases the work of the many artisans who work to produce the typical gondola. Metalsmiths, boatbuilders, carpenters, woodcarvers, gilders, upholsterers, tailors, and the gondoliers themselves each play a part. Every month features a selection of photos and specific information illustrating a particular step in the making and operation of this elegant water craft so symbolic of Venice. This deluxe size calendar opens to 17 by 22 inches when hung on the wall. To preview each month, play the slideshow below.

  1. Each page measures 17" x 11" and measures 17" x 22" when open and hung on wall

  2. Full bleed dynamic color; 100 lb cover weight high gloss paper, wire-o bound

  3.   January–December; preview of following year; US holidays marked; the new year’s editions become available each September.


Calendar: Gondola—art and craft